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           Mitchell             Korn

VP, Music Education Programs


iOS & Android Developer


Our Leadership

Jacob Zax is co-founder and CEO of Edify. Jacob loves meeting happy, talented people and recruiting them to support the Edify mission as employees, mentors, and investors. Jacob lives in Denver and deals daily with a powerful urge for ice cream.

Mitchell Korn is Edify's VP of Education. Described by the Wall Street Journal as "a one-man arts education industry", Mitchell has helped create some of the Unites States most enduring arts education initiatives. Mitchell is a Senior Lecturer at Vanderbilt and enjoys slow-smoking ribs on summer Nashville days.

Yegor Vedernikov is Edify's senior engineer. Yegor single handedly developed Sketch-a-Song for Android, an early Edify app that still runs smoothly on thousands of Android devices and maintains a 4 star rating to this day despite NO maintenance. In his free time Yegor lives in the Ukraine (actually, he always lives there) and enjoys eating candy with his wife and young daughter.


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