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The co-founders of Edify, Jacob, Rhys, and Zack, have been friends since high school. We stayed in touch throughout college and ended up building an app to help adults compose music collaboratively in our senior year.

We unexpectedly discovered that our most enthusiastic users were kids. Kids are incredibly creative and they love the freedom and instant feedback of songwriting. Kids' enthusiasm for Sketch-a-Song revealed a wonderful and enormous mission to us: make music education fun and accessible for families around the world. We’ve been working to accomplish that ever since.

Jacob Zax is co-founder and CEO of Edify. Jacob handles all legal, financial, and operational details to keep Edify running and the product team humming. He loves meeting happy, talented people and recruiting them to the Edify cause as employees, mentors, and investors. Jacob graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in Political Science and a powerful love of ice cream.

Zack Sulsky is a musician, composer, and co-founder of Edify. As COO, Zack drives Edify's product strategy, curriculum design, and agile processes. Making music is his favorite thing to do, and helping other people make music is a close second. He earned a bachelor's degree in music from Wesleyan University and worked in Carnegie Hall's Educational Media and Technology department before becoming a co-founder at Edify.

Rhys Lindmark is co-founder and CTO of Edify. He manages technical direction, data-driven growth strategies, and in-person user testing. He loves learning things and then teaching them with excessive hand gestures. He has taught in India, China, and Nepal and has been designing games since falling in love with Magic: The Gathering as a child. Rhys graduated from Carleton College with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a concentration in DJing strange music.



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