Digital Music Composition Lessons — Group

While working in the Education department at Carnegie Hall, we saw first-hand:

  • Kids don’t get to be creative on their instrument.
  • Kids drop out of instrument lessons because the learning curve is so steep.
  • Schools are cutting music programs across the country.
  • Professional music is increasingly made digitally with programs like GarageBand, Logic, and Ableton.

MusiQuest solves this by sparking kids' inner creativity, empowering them to make music they love, and preparing them for the digital music future. It teaches concepts like music notation and rhythm that can get them ahead in music lessons or inspire a life-long love and understanding of music. Our MusicMap is like Khan Academy for musical creativity.

The only issue with MusiQuest is that it's designed so anyone with an iPad can use it — there's no individual human attention like with classic instrument lessons. We want to solve this! So, for special families in Denver, we want to go further and provide in-person composition lessons. Here's how they work:

  • We'll use MusiQuest to teach other advanced composition concepts like motif and musical form.
  • We'll make music collaboratively with other students, just like professionals do: NYT feature article.
  • We'll make songs and then your child will perform their compositions on their instrument.
  • Digital Music Composition Lessons are a great creative addition to instrument lessons, or they can be taken alone.
  • Rhys Lindmark, a co-founder of Edify, will teach the lessons. He's been playing drums for nearly 15 years and has composed more than 100 pieces of digital music. He taught the pilot session and is excited to begin the 2nd session!
  • There are only 5 total spots available in the class. Update: 2 families have signed up. There are 3 spots left!
  • This is a unique opportunity — no other music school in Colorado teaches Digital Music Composition
  • The lessons are completely free! We want to learn how your kid makes music and give back to the Colorado community.

When: Weekly, Mondays from 3:30-4:15pm. Starts Monday, 2/29. We can be flexible with the time and might do a weekend/break into two sessions/do it over Skype. We will do a month-long group of 4 lessons.

Where: Most likely at the Denver Central Library, downtown

Email or call me at (720)231-9633 if you have any questions or to sign up! Thanks and see you there!

- Rhys Lindmark, co-founder of Edify