8 Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids That Music Nerds Will Love

There are a lot of great Halloween costume ideas floating around Pinterest at this time of year, and our favorites are the ones for music nerds. Here are a few fun costumes that you and your child can put together yourselves for Halloween this year:

1 - Mozart

Classic in more ways than one, this composer never goes out of style. Hometown Betty has a cheap and easy tutorial for putting together this DIY Mozart-inspired paper wig.

2 - Kurt Cobain

Long blonde hair, white graphic tee, tan plaid button up shirt, cozy green cardigan, with the finishing touch of a guitar.

source costume works

3 - Björk

There are lots of options here, since Björk has always had a bold and unique sense of style. Our pick is for her look in the Venus as a Boy music video: little 90's buns in the hair, dots along the eyebrows, orange tee, red skirt, and Icelandic compass tattoo.

4 - John Lennon

Create a costume inspired by this former Beatle's iconic 1974 rooftop photo shoot: sideburns, round sunglasses, New York City tee, statement belt buckle, and denim jacket.

source New York Magazine, photos by Bob Gruen

source New York Magazine, photos by Bob Gruen

5 - Justin Bieber

We are entranced by Skrillex and Diplo's recent music video featuring Justin Bieber. To make this costume, all you need is a white tee, black button-up shirt over top, jeans, creative face paint, and a longing stare.

6 - JEM

An inspiration to any moms who grew up in the 80's who is now back in a modern-day movie coming out this fall, JEM is a perfect rockstar costume choice. Pink wig, pink dramatic eye makeup, pink dress, silver accent belt, and if you want to get really crazy, LED earrings augmented with construction paper stars for Synergy power.

7 - Steve Reich

This pioneering composer of minimalist music has a very recognizable uniform that is easy to recreate: tan or blue work shirt, black blazer, and a dark baseball cap.


8 - Taylor Swift 

And if all else fails, you can always go with pop icon Taylor Swift. Her Shake It Off music video alone provides seven different outfits for inspiration.

What's the best music related Halloween costume you've ever seen? Share in the comments below.


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