Building Music in Denmark

When we heard that the city where Lego started was hosting a one-week event dedicated to students designing, building, composing, and performing on their own instruments, we knew we had to be there. As an added bonus, it gave us an opportunity to travel to Denmark for the first time!

Founders Jacob and Zack

Founders Jacob and Zack

Billund Builds Music was a collaboration between Tufts' Center for Engineering Education and Outreach, the Capital of Children, and Live Music in Schools that happened last month.

We gathered up all of our iPads, loaded them with our newest app, MusiQuest, and jumped right into exploring and creating music with the kids there.

Why Billund Builds Music was great:

We got a chance to lead 16 different sessions where more than 300 students learned about music and made their own songs with MusiQuest.

After playing through several educational Quests, students showed marked improvement in their music-making. 

They worked from left to right more consistently, used melody and harmony together beautifully, and kept different instruments within their proper ranges. We loved hearing how much better their songs sounded with their new knowledge.

The whole event emphasized freedom and creativity, and it was a joy to see the students so happy to deeply explore and create their own music in MusiQuest.

Being in Billund, the home of the original Legoland park, made the whole event that much cooler.

Helping kids to learn and create music is why we do what we do. It was such a pleasure to work directly with creative and excited kids all week long. 

And we can't wait to get MusiQuest to your creative and excited kids! It's the most fun way to learn music. Try it free on your iPad today.