13 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Creative & Tech-Savvy Kids

Looking for last-minute gift ideas for the iPad-connected, music-loving kids in your lives? Here are some fun things they will love.

1) Headphone Splitter ($2.99)

This little stocking stuffer makes sharing an iPad much easier--it allows kids to plug in two sets of headphones so they can both enjoy playing a game or watching a video together.

2) Water Flutes ($10.49)

Make bath time more fun and musical while learning that adding different amounts of water produces different notes.

3) iPad Car Mount ($10.99)

Secure your iPad during car rides for easier viewing of videos in the car. (Pair with the headphone splitter, and both kids can watch quietly, leaving you free to catch up on your favorite podcasts).

4) Clef Heart Necklace ($18)

This beautiful sterling silver necklace cleverly blends treble and bass clefs to form a heart.

5) iRing ($19.95)

Stick this on the back of an iPad mini or phone and never drop them again. The ring folds in and out and in addition to helping you securely hold your device while using it, it's a handy kickstand to use while watching videos or playing a game at a table.

6) Crayola Color Alive Animation Studio ($19.95)

This kit turns your iPad into an animation studio, where you take characters that you color in on paper and bring them to life with dancing, singing, and a variety of backgrounds. Coloring from the future!

7) Kidz Gear Headphones ($19.99)

In addition to coming in a bunch if different bright colors, these headphones keep audio at a safe level to protect kids' hearing.

8) Durable iPad case ($21.99)

Don't worry about broken iPads once they are secured in one of these. It's shock proof and adds big handles to make it easier for tiny hands to hold on.

9) Disney Frozen Microphone ($29.99)

This microphone makes kids feel like they are on stage while they sing their favorite songs. Plus, Frozen, which is always a win.

10) Casio Mini Keyboard ($54.99)

There are lots of apps with keyboards these days, but a real keyboard still has a certain magic. This one is small and easy for kids to carry around, but also has a ton of sounds, rhythm patterns, and built-in songs.

11) Minecraft Gameband ($72)

For kids who love Minecraft, this is an awesome accessory that lets them bring their Minecraft game to play with them anywhere. It's also customizable with messages, images, and animation in LED lights. 

12) UE Roll Speaker ($89.99)

For listening to music on the go, this speaker looks cool, sounds great, is waterproof, and is ultra portable.

13) Little Bits Synth Kit ($159.99)


This modular analog synthesizer can be snapped together to create circuits in seconds and can be rearranged in endless combinations for a wide variety of projects. A fun and easy way to start to learn about how analog synths work.

And a bonus item, for parents, because it's so cheesy that it's good--

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses ($65)

Fill each glass to different heights according to the markings on the sides, and play sweet music while you enjoy your holiday wine.

Try our new educational iPad app, MusiQuest, and get your kids making their own music in minutes.