7 Best Educational Music Apps for Kids

We make music apps for kids because we think that every kid’s first experience with music should be exciting, creative, and fun. With a smartphone or tablet in your bag, you have a powerful tool with you at all times that can help your child grow through making music.

Here are some of our favorite music apps to share with kids and why we love them for learning:

Turn a blank slate into a creative musical space:

With these apps, music can be made outside of the traditional constraints of learning instrument technique, notation, or complicated software. Like a Magna Doodle, kids are presented with the endless possibility of a blank screen that they can fill with their creative ideas.

1: MusiQuest [download free]

MusiQuest allows kids to simply tap the screen to create layers of music that sound great right away. With cute characters and many instruments, kids feel like they are coloring on the screen as they are writing their own music and learning about melody and harmony in a fun way.

2: Disco Fingers

Disco Fingers gets kids making great music right away by just tapping different parts of the screen to place cute and colorful dancing fingers. Compared to learning a traditional instrument, this is much easier to jump right into and make sounds and rhythms that compel kids to keep creating.

3: Isle of Tune

Isle of Tune starts kids with a blank screen where they can lay roads, houses, trees and more to build a virtual city full of details that dictate the music created as a little car drives through it. It looks like Sim City, but sounds like an exciting musical world that can be looped and spiraled through.

Learn music with loops:

Hearing music looped over and over builds familiarity with different sounds and keeps kids engaged as they create. Repetition is a big part of how songs are built, so repeated loops are a great way to begin to learn how music is put together.

4: My Singing Monsters

My Singing Monsters is a colorful game that lets kids build a world of monsters who sing together with each of their unique voices. While building and layering the different monsters, kids hear the same sections of the song looped over and over, and learn how adding or removing monsters leads to different musical textures.

5: Figure

If you get burned out on the sounds of singing monsters and would rather hear your kid create music that sounds like a grown-up made it, Figure is another app that can give kids the experience of creating their own music with loops. Made by the creators of powerful music software Reason, Figure lets you play with and customize drum, bass, and synth loops with impressive results.

Connect Making Music to Real Life:

Connecting music-making to real life interests is a great way for kids to enjoy learning music and build a life-long love and appreciation for music. These apps help kids be creative with their own sounds and ideas and play the actual songs that they like listening to.

6: Keezy

Like a Yak Bak on steroids, Keezy’s super simple interface lets kids record 8 different sounds which they can then play back in different combinations to make music. Since kids create through recording their own voices and sound effects they can come up with, they learn about the connection between music and sharing one’s own feelings, interests, and experiences. Do they love pepperoni pizza and minions? Now they can make a song about it.

7: Magic Piano

Magic Piano is reminiscent of Guitar Hero, allowing kids to feel as if they are playing their favorite popular songs on the piano through tapping along with dots on the screen. It connects them more deeply to their favorite songs as they play them and learn how they are made, while also encouraging focus and concentration.

What are your favorite apps for kids to create music? Leave us a comment so we can check them out.


Our educational iPad app MusiQuest is a great way for kids to explore and learn music. 

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