Big News: MusiQuest for iPhone!

Earlier this year, we launched our app MusiQuest for iPad, and so far you've used it to make more than 10,000 songs. But the one question everyone's been asking is, "Can I play MusiQuest on iPhone?"

Today we are very excited to announce that you can download MusiQuest for free for your iPhone!

This opens a whole world of creative possibility on the go–you can write your own song in minutes while you’re waiting for the bus, waiting for the dentist, or waiting for your lunch.

MusiQuest music app for iphone
Instruments in MusiQuest for iPhone

MusiQuest is the easiest way to play with different instruments and learn to make your own music—no experience (and no iPad) necessary.

Here's a first look at how to make a song using MusiQuest on your iPhone:

Give it a try yourself or share with the creative kids in your life. It's free!

What kind of song will you create first?