Homeschool Music Appreciation Curriculum: Mozart

We've heard from a lot of homeschool moms that it can be expensive and challenging to find ways for your kids to develop a love of music. You want your kids to explore their own personal creativity, but teaching about music can be intimidating, especially if you don’t consider yourself a music person.

With MusiQuest, anyone can easily add music to the homeschool routine, without any extra instruments, CDs, or books.

Starting this week, you can find a new Quest in the MusiQuest app made specifically for homeschoolers age 6-12, with a week-long sequence of interactive iPad music appreciation lessons that makes it fun to learn about Mozart.

Your kids will learn interesting history about Mozart, listen to his music, and by the end of the week will be composing their own song.

Kids love it, and the week-long series is completely free and ready to use. Just download and go.

Your first step is to download the free MusiQuest app to your iPad and complete all of the levels in My First Quest to learn the basics. (And if you want to skip past My First Quest and get access right away to unlimited Quests, user profiles, and instruments, you can buy our Gold Family plan in the app.)

We’ll kick off your first Mozart lesson on our YouTube channel tomorrow with another video, so be sure to subscribe so you and your kids won’t miss it!