Edify Founders Blog

At Edify Technologies, we build music creation software because we love seeing people express themselves through music. Our first app, Sketch-a-Song (available on iOS and Android), makes composing music as easy as finger painting. This blog is about the process of developing our next app, MusiQuest, a game-based learning app that teaches kids music through creative engagement.

Our Story

The co-founders of Edify, Jacob, Rhys, and Zack, have been friends since high school. The summer before our senior year of college, we got together with four other classmates to build the first version of Sketch-a-Song. It was rough around the edges, but it did one thing very well: it made music composition accessible to beginners.

Although we built Sketch-a-Song to give adults a way to make music collaboratively, we soon found that the most enthusiastic users were kids. Kids are inherently creative and they love the freedom and instant feedback of a simplified composition experience. When we saw kids playing Sketch-a-Song, their enthusiasm convinced us that the our product had enormous potential. We’ve been committed to making music education fun and accessible for families ever since.

Why Blog?

To Articulate Beliefs

We believe some fairly controversial things. This blog will be both a space and an impetus for us to explore and codify our beliefs about music education, software development, and starting a company.

To Share Learning

One of the best things about founding a startup is that we are constantly learning. This blog is a way for us to compile our learning and share it with educators, entrepreneurs, developers, and parents.

To Improve Process

As a young company, we are always working to hone our internal processes to make the most of our time. Being reflective is a great way to improve, and making that reflection public increases the rigor we apply to it.

Meet the Founders

Zack Sulsky

I’m a composer, songwriter, and musician. My background in jazz improvisation and composition has taught me the value of learning music through creative exploration. I plan Edify’s music curriculum and manage development and design priorities. In this blog, I’ll write about music, education, and our product development process.

Jacob Zax

Working on Edify has taught me that I want to be involved in start-ups for the rest of my life and deepened my relationship with music. Day-to-day I lead our Family Feedback Program and handle all of the operational aspects of the business. I’ll primarily be writing about how we learn from our customers and how we build relationships with mentors and investors.

Rhys Lindmark

I’m passionate about using games to break down complex systems (like music). I feel most at home working with the abstractions inherent in games, music, and code. I lead our development team in creating educational music games. In this blog, I’ll write about the process of building software.

We’re excited to share our story, our beliefs, and our team with you! Check out our most recent post, Learning Music Like a First Language.